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With the help of technology

We can help with your books and tax anytime and anywhere with increased efficiency

Virtual Accounting


Accurate financials and organized books are essential for running a successful business. Being able to balance your checkbook, doing data entry, and running the finances of a small business is NOT the same thing.


Keeping track of your books and accounting transactions is meticulous and time-consuming. With the help of evolving technology, we are now able to help more business owners with their accounting needs, no matter which state they operate in.

Virtual Tax


BRIGIM has years of experience filing personal tax returns and business clients in Orange County for clients from different states and countries.


Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been helping clients prepare and file their tax returns virtually. This eliminates the need to make the annual pilgrimage to our office while guaranteeing that you receive the same care and attention from our reputable professionals.


At BRIGIM, we never outsource your tax return to foreign 3rd parties, nor do we prepare your return using DIY Tax software.


20 Corporate Park, Suite 260,

Irvine, CA 92606


Tel: +1 (949)-387-4999

Monday - Friday 9pm - 5pm


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